angstyartemis (angstyartemis) wrote in iambic_5meter,

This brand new year bring joy to one and all!


Now starts another year, another phase,
Although the moon sleeps tonight, the stars still shine;
This is an old world, and has ancient ways,
Tonight, we drown those thoughts in waves of wine.

Who will forgive the thousand years of war
And bloodshed - forget Nature's brutal acts,
Declare a kinship for Life - near or far -
Or honour well-intentioned peaceful pacts?

Who can give meaning to Love, to Faith, to Art,
And all the dreams that vanish in thin air?
Who ever had the time enough - and heart
To learn to laugh to listen and to care?

Let's just promise - this year, this life - we'll cope.
And though the world forget, we'll forget not - Hope.
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