I'm nobody! Who are you? (capriuni) wrote in iambic_5meter,
I'm nobody! Who are you?

The Holidays are here?

The "Holidays" are here, or so they say.
Poinsettias bedeck the evening news,
And lights shine bright on houses 'cross the way.
And here I sit, detatched, and sing the blues.

I disagree with Scrooge -- I'll not begrudge.
To every Who in Whoville, tall and small:
"Well-roast, your Beast, and tasty-sweet, your fudge!"
And yet, despite the jollity, and all...

I sigh. I think how alien it feels:
Strange creatures, seen as through a telescope.
While voices sing and bells ring out their peals,
I rap on my heart's door, and ask for Hope.

"Is she at home?" I ask. "She once lived here..."
But Thought's not sure: "...She might be back, New Year."

[Cross-posted to capriuni]
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