celialove (celialove) wrote in iambic_5meter,

On attempting to tighten my belt to prepare for time ahead

I only wish for clothing, shelter, food
And books to read, and indoor plumbing, too
The Internet, my TV, which is good
For playing games like Valkyrie Profile 2.

I need that game, to help me with my work
As well as my trustworthy dictionary
To look up kanji, which is quite a perk
On any day so dreary and ordinary.

I need my backpack, for to carry books
Is something I must do from day to day
I need my hairbrush, to keep up my looks
And toothbrush, to prevent plaque and decay.

Oh, how can I aim to live frugally
When the real world thwarts me so brutally?
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By bread alone, they say, we cannot live.
So why, I wonder, won't they riches give?
I do not know, but I might make a guess
I have sins of indulgence to confess.