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adventures in meter

da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM

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The Iambic Pentameter Community
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Repeat after me:

da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM

There it is, an iambic pentameter. One da-DUM is an iamb, and five of them become a measure of poetry called an iambic pentameter. Here's an example of a poem in iambic pentameter by the poet Siegfried Sassoon:

GIVE me your hand, my brother, search my face;
Look in these eyes lest I should think of shame;
For we have made an end of
all your base.
We are returning by the road we came.

Your lot is with the ghosts of soldiers dead,
And I am in the field where men must fight.
But in the gloom I see your laurell'd head
And through your victory I shall win the light.

--[S.S., To My Brother, 1918. Revs'd KM]

This community is for original poetry that stick strictly to this meter. And ideally, further measured in quatrains of ABAB, AABB, ABBA, ABCB, and ABBC rhyme schemes. Blank verse, which is iambic pentameter without a deliberate rhyme scheme, and sonnet, another poetic scheme using iambic pentameter, are acceptable as long as they adheres to classical form. Please only post original iambic pentameter. If you want to explain something about the post, do so in iambic pentameter or refer to your commentary or reference in a comment attached to the post rather than the post itself.

The subject matter can take any form. Classic odes, doggerel, metaphysical verse, nonsense, or, I dare say, Gangsta iambic pentameter. Just keep it tight. This is all about discipline. And it's fun. IP, despite its rigid structure, allows for some of the wildest flights of poetry. It has been said that this structure of poetry is most naturally suited to the character of the English language. No less a master than Shakespeare often wrote his plays in blank iambic pentameter, an easy to follow measure ideal for spoken or sung parts.

Post long or short works. But if your poem extends to more than a page, use the LJ-cut html tag (see the FAQ). Let's approach this in a spirit of fun.

(standard issue: spam, crossposts, empty intros & off-topics - and for this community, anything not presented entirely in original iambic pentameter - may be removed with or without warning, if you're not sure, ask in iambic pentameter)

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