Dichroic (dichroic) wrote in iambic_5meter,

i is for...

Coincidence, that heedless saucy wench,
Collab'rated with a little bird today
Who sent me over here to join this host,
(dakiwiboid 'tis, to whom I do allude),

You may ask why I cite coincidence
The truth is, it was only yesterday
I wrote an IP alphabetic post
I'll crosspost here, and hope it's not too crude.

(This is part of a poetry alphabet,
Though letter I may be the lamest yet.
Yes, I know I took some liberties;
Go gently with me, critics, if you please.)

I is for Iambic Pentameter
If you should take a ride on Shakespeare's horse
To some imagin'd iambic Banbury Cross
The characteristic rhythm of its trot
Would be dit-DOT dit-DOT dit-DOT dit-DOT

Though on trochees you might sometimes founder
You'd come back to iambs as being sounder
While other rhythms help to vary pace
Iambic is the one that wins the race.

Pentameter, too, suits English-language poems,
As Japanese for haiku is the home
Though no quintepedal horse in nature's found
In English poetry, he is most sound

In iambic pentameter Shakespeare's sonnets run
As well as those of Milton, Keats, and Donne.
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