Sensual Quills (sensualquills) wrote in iambic_5meter,
Sensual Quills

To The Reader:

Sonnet 55

These lines that you have come across, here scribed
Are with a tender nurture, brought to light
Neither false, nor in any form contrived
And as humbly as a scribbler could write
To you fair reader, I offer my lines
To eyes, that read to life these little scenes
While iambic pentameter confines
Yet this is all a minor scribbler dreams
Above all else, fair reader, take away
The passion and humility I bear
That you have lived my lines another day
And for that I am ere grateful to share
In hopes these little songs shall find with thee
Some truth, some sin, some whimsicality

Hi Folks!

My community sonneteers is taking off, and I just wanted to let you all know, that you are welcome to join, watch, and or check it out.

I have listed this community on my userinfo page as a promo. Thought you'd like to know. Happy Sonneting to you all!!

Sensual Quills
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